Company Spotlight: Curtis Contracting, Inc.


Hampton Roads is notorious for shutting down from minimal snow accumulation. This storm, however, hit our area extremely hard! We wanted to take a moment to spotlight a specific client of ours that worked day in and day out to help the Hampton Roads area: Curtis Contracting, Inc.

Employees from Curtis Contracting, Inc. worked some serious overtime allowing us to commute. Their working area spanned from Richmond to the Oceanfront. They helped the Hampton Roads area by working non-stop; clearing stretches of I-264 and I-664 enabling drivers to have a safer route. They were able to clear the roads effectively due to rotating 12 hour shifts and a fleet of 40 trucks on each rotation!

“We take pride in everything we do here at Curtis Contracting, Inc. and hold integrity with high regard. During inclement weather we have an all hands on deck approach. Depending on the size of the event, we look for willing parties outside of our company that hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to assist us with our duties to keep the roadway conditions safe.” Amber F. Human Resources Director at Curtis Contracting, Inc.

Thank you, Curtis Contracting, Inc.!

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