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Respirator Fit Testing

Published Thursday, March 08, 2018
Many of our clients require their employees to wear respirators for work. Due this high demand, our clinics are no strangers to respirator fit testing! No matter the industry your company is in, we can help you stay safe and compliant. What type of testing is done for respirator fit testing? Qualitative tests use your senses such as taste and smell to generate a reaction if there is a leak in  ..

Hazmat surveillance

Published Thursday, February 15, 2018
Hampton Roads is a home to one of the biggest shipyards in the United States and has a substantial amount of contactors fueling the maritime industry. In addition to the maritime industry, the construction industry and logistics industry are big players in our area. Since our clinics service several different industries, we must properly medically survey employees working in them. One common c ..

What is an EMR form and how does it help my business?

Published Thursday, February 01, 2018
Employer Medical Request forms (EMR) are a tangible form that employees can take to any one of our clinics to be seen. Our EMR forms benefit companies for reasons such as: Reduced employee confusion Easy access to all of our addresses (extremely beneficial while out in the field) Quick reference to the most frequented services offered at our clinics Physical paper trail for accounting ..

Why I & O Medical Centers should be your #1 choice for Workers' Compensation

Published Wednesday, January 17, 2018
With the Virginia Medical Fee Schedule in full effect, many employers may have thoughts about reconsidering who they send their employees to for medical care. Employers in the past have made their decision solely on pricing, but now that all fees for Workers' Compensation are the same across the board, this decision may be tricky. I & O Medical Centers will continue to provide the BEST med ..

Breath Alcohol Testing

Published Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Excessive use of alcohol can lead to serious problems in the workplace. According to OSHA, “employees who abuse alcohol are five times more likely to file a work comp claim and are more likely injure themselves or someone else.” This creates a major concern for employers, especially employers with fleet vehicles. Due to these concerns, companies create and enforce a drug policy tha ..

Cold Stress

Published Friday, December 08, 2017
Cold stress is a collective term for various cold related injuries due to prolonged exposure to working outside during the colder months. If you recall our tip of the month "The Occ Doc's Guide to Beat the Heat" (/blog/beat-the-heat) we briefly described the easy ways to spot and treat employees working in the summer’s heat. The seasons may have changed, but working outside still remains ..

Quick Test vs. Lab Test Drug Screening

Published Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Is a quick test sufficient? We get this question quite often. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple due to the variance in company protocols. I & O Medical Centers offers several types of drug screens for your company including: 5-panel quick tests 10-panel quick tests Urine sample collections Hair follicle collections Urine sample lab testing Hair follicle lab testi ..

Fall Seminar 2017 Recap

Published Wednesday, November 15, 2017
I & O Medical Centers was very pleased with the attendance of our annual fall seminar “2017 Occ Talk”. Our speakers did a great job on presenting the topics and an even better job during the Q&A sessions. If you missed the event in its entirety or want to use the seminar as a reference, we have put together the PowerPoint presentations for your viewing pleasure. Listed belo ..

Respirator Hygiene

Published Monday, October 16, 2017
Fall is notorious for bringing about the flu! With the changing of the seasons, workers need to protect themselves from getting sick. Although most workers will get their flu shot vaccination, they often overlook small details that can cause several days lost at work — respirators being one of them. In all occupations it is important to keep the work area clean and respirators are no ..

Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Published Tuesday, September 19, 2017
With the first day of fall upon us, September 22, I & O Medical Centers would like to highlight Falls Prevention Awareness Day, also known as FPAD. FPAD is observed to help those in the community become more aware of preventative measures that can be implemented to provide a safe and accident free work environment. “In the calendar year 2016, the 42 fatalities experienced was a  ..

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